Have the old tricks stopped working? 

If you're looking for a programme designed specifically for the unique needs of women over 35...



This programme now includes THREE meal plans for the price of one:  The standard meal plan, vegetarian meal plan and dairy-free meal plan

(so you have even MORE delicious meals and recipes to choose from!)

Starts again  Monday 22nd July









The rules of fat loss CHANGE when you hit 35

‚ěĒ Your muscle mass starts to decrease, which slows your metabolism

‚ěĒ Your gut health starts changing: you need to eat differently to see results

‚ěĒ Your body doesn't handle STRESS the same way it did in your 20's

‚ěĒ Your liver is overworked and feeling tired!

It doesn't mean you can't lose weight,

you just need a new plan!

  • A plan that takes into account HORMONAL CHANGES.¬† Minimising STRESS so you see maximum results.
  • A food plan structured to ensure ongoing metabolic stimulation
  • A programme that covers all the important areas as well as food: sleep, exercise and mindset¬†
  • A programme that¬† caters to different dietary needs:¬† vegetarian meal plan available
  • Simple meals that are delicious and won't leave you hungry
  • An easy plan that fits into busy lifestyles and takes all the guesswork out so you know exactly what to do.


A plan created by someone who walks the talk...

Who has not just maintained her own 30kg weight loss though this challenging time of life, but also helped thousands of women do the same!

 In the past 12 years I have learnt that women over 35 have very different needs from women in their 20's. 

This programme has been created to meet these needs. 

Simple, delicious food

So you don't have to spend hours in the kitchen or eat different meals from your family.

Balanced protein and fat in meals

So you never feel hungry and get your metabolism optimised for fat burning

Boost your energy

Less inflammatory foods = less bloating.  Your liver will get a break and you can expect better energy and less brain fog.

Maximise your lifestyle

This is not just a food plan.  You'll receive expert guidance in sleep, mindset and exercise, to maximise results. 

Here's what's included:

Meal plan

The meal plan is based on delicious, low carb food with optimal levels of protein, healthy fats and carbohydrate.

Each week you will get a new food plan that is:

  • Structured, so you know exactly what to eat
  • Flexible, so you can choose the meals that suit you best.¬† A mixture of recipes and simple meals
  • All based on simple, ingredients that are budget friendly
  • Vegetarian meal plan also included:¬† So you get two plans for the price of one!

Expert Coaching:

Sheryl will support you each step of the way.

  • Weekly Zoom coaching calls, so you can ask questions and get individual support.¬†
  • Private Facebook group for questions and¬†extra tips

Lifestyle focus

This programme is more than just a diet.  We will focus on the optiomal actions for fat loss in every area of your life:

  • Sleep
  • Stress management
  • Exercise
  • Mindset 


Support & Community

A group of like-minded women, sharing the journey.

  • Private Facebook Group for regular communication
  • Zoom calls for coaching and individual support


This programme is for you if:

  • You are taking action but just not seeing results
  • You struggle to lose weight and gain it quickly!
  • You don't like feeling hungry or overly restricted
  • You are struggling with hormonal fluctuations
  • You are an emotional eater

I'm Sheryl

I remember when I first started working as a nutritionist in my early thirties.  I would hear my colleagues complaining about how hard weight loss is as you get older. 

Then I joined the club and understood exactly what they were talking about! 

I've maintained managed to maintain my 30kg weight loss through these years, but it has definitely required new strategies and tricks!

I love helping women thrive during this challenging stage of life. 

I've coached thousands of women over the past 12 years and I can't wait to share all my resources with you in this new programme. 

"Thank you for the Foundation plan, it has been a great inspiration for me and I'm proud to say I'm still on track.  SO happy that I'm tracking down and enjoying the recipes and meal ideas.  This plan has given me the skills to carry on and enjoy this way of eating as a new life plan!
- Val, Hibiscus Coast
" After feeling fed up about regaining weight, I met Sheryl and joined the programme.  
The results have been amazing!
I've lost 3.5kgs in 4 weeks.  Not only have my blood sugars improved, but I have more energy and feel motivated to carry on eating this way.  I love the tasty recipes. 
- Robyn, Orewa
 This was the perfect reset to help me back on track with a more mindful and low carb-focused food plan.
I loved the simple and easy-to-follow food plans, recipes were family friendly and I found it easy to stay on track.
I was happy with my 4kg weight loss, but more importantly, the health benefits that came with the low carb approach.   am sleeping better, no headaches in the morning, no more night sweats and less inflammation in my joints.
Very happy I signed up!
- Helen, Wanaka

4-week Foundations of Fat loss starting again on 22nd July


One-time payment. Access to programme for one year

  • Weekly meal plan
  • Vegetarian meal plan
  • Delicious low carb recipes
  • Individual support and coaching: weekly group coaching Zoom call with Sheryl
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Regular emails to keep you inspired and on track¬†


One-time payment. Access to programme for one year

  • Weekly meal plans with extra meal plan suitable for males¬†
  • Vegetarian meal plan
  • Delicious low carb recipes
  • Individual support and coaching: Weekly group coaching Zoom call with Sheryl
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Regular emails to keep you inspired and on track