Unlock the power of fasting with a plan that takes all the guesswork out!

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 Are you ready to push your foot on the accelerator?

If the scales have stalled and you are ready to take your weight loss journey to the next level, the 21-day guided fasting plan is for you.

Plateaus are a normal (yet annoying!) part of weight loss.  You want to continue losing weight but your body has adapted to what you are doing.

You need to keep shaking things up so your body can't guess what is coming next.

 This 21-day Guided Fasting Plan takes all the guess work away.  It gives you structure, meal options and recipes.  It's a fast-paced, aggressive plan designed to introduce you to fasting and shake up a stubborn metabolism!

This plan is for you if:

  • You are already on a weight loss journey and ready to challenge yourself
  • You are highly motivated
  • You want to try intermittent fasting with a proven plan to follow
  • You want support along the way.  Not just a plan to follow but also the chance to connect with an expert if you have questions or need more guidance
  • You don't do strenuous exercise (or are prepared to cut back if you do!)

The 21-Day Guided Fasting Plan 


21- Day structured food plan

You will know exactly how much fat/protein/carbs to eat.  The template is structured but you have flexibility to choose your own meals from the list of meal ideas and recipes.


Recipe Guide

Breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes.  

All based on real food and simple ingredients you can get from the supermarket.

Guidebook and Low Carb Eating Guide

Planning templates: daily food planner, weekly goal planner, daily mindset focus

Meal ideas, comprehensive lists of protein/fat and low carbohydrate options.  Low carb product guide. 

Along with all the benefits of the Why Weight Academy Membership

  • Access to private Academy website with all resources
  • Food plan/meal plan
  • Recipe vault with more than 60 exclusive low carb recipes
  • New 5-day suggested meal plan every week
  • Monthly live trainings with Sheryl
  • Private Facebook group with daily coaching and tips
  • 75-page weight loss mindset & planning journal
  • Access to 6-week Breakthrough Bootcamp starting 20 Feb

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