Hi, I'm Sheryl, your weight loss coach

 I work with women who are tired of dieting, frustrated with emotional eating and ready to lose weight for good.


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I know how it feels to watch other people enjoying their life and feel like you're standing on the sidelines

In my early twenties I weighed 30kgs more than I do now.

It should have been the prime time of my life: young, free and about to go overseas to start a new career as a teacher in Japan.

My friends were all celebrating at the 21st parties, shopping and having a ball. I was joining in sometimes but I most definitely wasn’t having a ball because on the inside I just wanted to cry every time I entered a changing room and had to look in the mirror.

Every time I had to squeeze into a larger-sized item I wanted to burst into tears.

Every time I tried to exercise I would get such bad chaffing between my thighs that they would bleed.

On the outside, I was always the happy, outgoing Sheryl but on the inside, I was so depressed with my weight.

I love singing but was embarrassed about my weight so I couldn’t get on stage.  So,  being overweight deprived me of my greatest joy in life.

Caring for others and striving to help them meant my health and wellbeing always got pushed to the back of the queue. 


 Until the day I decided to show up for myself,
instead of giving up


And lost 30kgs in one year!

It wasn’t until I moved overseas that I was able to put myself first.  I had a wonderful group of friends, started exercising and lost 30kgs in one year. 

The joy I experienced through that transformation was life-changing. 

But it didn't last.

I came back to New Zealand in my mid 20’s and I started slowly gaining weight.  I didn’t know much about nutrition so I made the decision to get support sooner rather than later and started seeing a nutritionst.  What she taught me about low carb diets and the importance of ongoing support was the foundation I needed.  

 And I still see a nutritionist every month.


 I have now maintained my 30kg weight loss for 23 years


I gained 40kgs of pregnancy weight in my 30's and lost all of that too!

To lose weight and keep it off you need two things:

There are loads of people out there who have lost weight – lots of weight – numerous times, only to gain it all back again.

Because this is not just about food.  It’s about your mindset and learning how to show up so you don’t give up.

Over the years I’ve learnt, tried and tested many tools and strategies that have enabled me to keep the weight off.  

It’s been a life-changing journey that ignited a passion for nutrition and the desire to help others look and feel their best.

So, when I became a mum in my early 30’s, after a successful career in communications, I decided it was time to follow my passion, go back to Massey University and re-train to become a nutritionist. 

I completed my post Graduate certificate majoring in nutrition in 2010.

My weight loss journey became “WHY WEIGHT”.

The Why Weight Academy weight loss programme is my life's passion combined with food resources, mindset resources and daily coaching.   

So you learn how to lose weight for life.

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My areas of Expertise

Low carb and keto nutrition

This is the food plan I've followed for 23 years, which is how I have maintained my weight loss.  I've used this plan with thousands of clients and seen incredible results.

Overcoming sugar addiction

Sugar addiction has been a big part of my journey.  I finally overcame my addiction 10 years ago and have been sugar-free ever since. I share my strategies to help clients get off the sugar too.

Emotional eating

This is my specialty! 

I love working with clients to help them recognise emotional eating and come up with better ways to deal with it so they can change habits and achieve their goals.

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