Start your journey with the 4-week Foundations of Fat Loss Programme, designed speficially for the fat-burning needs of over 35's.


For ongoing support, resources and new monthly weight loss strategies, join the Academy weight loss programme to keep the scales moving downward.


If you are stuck on a plateau and need an agressive programme to get you to the next level, sign up for Sheryl's 14-day Ultimate Weight Loss Programme.

If the old tricks are no longer working, Come and learn the NEW rules of fat loss.

This 4-week programme starts the first week of each month and will give you the FOUNDATION needed to get fat burning happening once you hit your late thirties onwards.

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For Ongoing Support, come and join the Academy

If you have completed the 4-week Foundations of Fat Loss (or have been a client of Sheryl's in the past) and want support to keep the scales going down, come and join the Academy programme. 

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If you want serious results, this programme is for you.

But beware - it is not for the faint hearted!  This 14-day plan includes a collection of the best weight loss strategies I use with clients to help accelerate results. 

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