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When you want  individual supportguidance and top-level coaching, working 1-1 with Sheryl will get you to your goal.

1-1 appointments also give you what you need the most in a weight loss journey: 


If you are READY to take action with:

  • Your own, customised nutrition plan, tailored to your specific needs based on your body composition and how quickly you want to get to your goal
  • Accountability check-ins to make sure you are meeting key milestones
  • Body composition data so you can see exactly what is changing - and how much fat you are burning
  • Access to new weight loss strategies the minute the scales stall
  • Your own personal champion to keep you on track!

And you want to work with someone who walks the talk

➡️ Sheryl has maintained her 30kg weight loss for the past 26 years (and gained & lost 40kgs of pregnancy weight along the way) 
Because this is not a diet - it's a way of eating that WORKS in the long term
➡️Sheryl has coached women and men for the past 13 years, helping them achieve their goals
This programme works because the food plan is delicious, easy to follow and SUSTAINABLE! 

There are 3 options to suit your needs

Initial Weight Loss Consultation

This consultation gives you everything you need to hit the ground running.

Sheryl will look at your body composition data and then create your individually customised nutrition plan, tailored to suit where you are at and how quickly you want to reach your goal.


8-week Accountability Programme

This programme will keep you on your toes, with 8 x weekly check-ins to make sure you are staying on track with your actions and results. 

You will get access to all the online resources of the Academy Weight Loss programme:  meal plans, 14-day starter plan & exclusive low carb recipes.


VIP Intensive 12-week Programme

When results are your top priority, this programme is the ultimate support package:

- Initial Weight Loss Consultation
- 11 x weekly check-ins for maximum accountability
- Sheryl in your pocket! Support when required, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm via coaching app
- Access to all online resources

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Daryl Gove - clinical hypnotherapist

Want to discuss options?

Book in a time for a 10-minute chat with Sheryl to talk about your goals and find out which is the best option for you.

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