An 1-1 appointment is a great way to discuss your own individual needs and talk through your situation and goals.

The initial appointment will give you the knowledge, action plan and food plan so you can get started straight away.  

If you can’t come to my office in Orewa, online appointments are equally as effective for guidance, accountability and support. 

Your food plan gives you a template of protein/carbohydrate/fat options for each meal daily.  These portion sizes are based on your individual needs.  In your appointment we will discuss your favourite foods and explore how we can fit them into your plan

Appointment Options


Initial Appointment - in person

  • One hour, 15 minutes
  • Body composition analysis using Tanita scales (measuring weight, body fat %, muscle, fluid levels, visceral fat, BMI and body age
  • Goal setting, discussing your needs 
  • Creating your food plan, based on your goal and individual preferences
  • Price: $197
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Initial Appointment - Online

  • One hour
  • Goal setting, discussing nutrition and your needs
  • Creating your food  plan, based on your goal and individual preferences
  • Price: $177
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Want to discuss options?

Book in a time for a 10-minute chat with Sheryl to talk about your goals and find out which is the best option for you.

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