Discover the power of carnivore nutrition

So you can

➡️Lose Weight
➡️Improve Gut Health
➡️Balance Blood Sugars

With a DELICIOUS 5-day Kickstart Plan


If you are: 

  • Looking for a quick, structured plan to kickstart fast results
  • Struggling to lose weight and want to try something new
  • Constantly bloated and feeling sluggish
  • Curious to learn more about the carnivore way of eating and want to get started with a structured plan, guidance and support

And especially if you enjoy a mix of SIMPLE meals as well as DELICIOUS recipes,

We would love to share this POWERFUL Kickstart programme with you.

This programme has been created by Sheryl Takayama, qualified nutritionist and specialist in keto and low carb nutrition and Delena Matthew, owner of the famous Keto by D cafe in Orewa, Auckland.

Sheryl uses carnivore nutrition strategies to help clients accelerate their results, improve IBS symptoms and break through weight loss plateaus.  

Delena has created delicious keto and carnivore recipes for the past 4 years in her cafe and has helped thousands of happy customers enjoy delicious food while they lose weight.

We have combined our knowledge and passion for healthy food to bring you a plan that is not just delicious, but will give you RESULTS! 

Just like it has already done for others : 

"When I first came across the carnivore kickstart I immediately thought I would be consuming meat, meat and more meat!  However, I've been pleasantly surprised by what I've been able to eat.  The egg custard is the 'star of the plan' and it tastes like a cross between cheesecake and pannacotta.

After having a plateau for the last two weeks, this was the 'kickstart' I needed as I dropped 2.7kgs!
I will definitely be incorporating these carnivore kickstart options into my weekly food plan"

- Shelley

"I have been struggling to get my weight back down to pre-Christmas level, so I decided to give this plan a go, to see if it would shake up my metabolism.

I made the recipes (loved the scotch egg, pizza bases and cheeseburger pie!) and mixed it up with simple meals too. 

I dropped 800g in 5 days which was most unexpected!  I'm delighted with this and it definitely gave me a great shake up.  Well worth it in my opinion"

- Kathy

Fully-structured 5-day food plan

So you know exactly what to eat and the precise portion size. 
You also get extra meal suggestions if you want to create your own plan.

5 EXCLUSIVE  recipes from Keto by D café

Delena is sharing her most popular carnivore recipes, along with instruction videos - so your food at home is just as delicious as in the cafe.

Guidance and Support

You are not on your own when you do this programme.
Join the Facebook Group for extra resources and to get all your questions answered.
If you need individual support, you can get it!

This is more than just MEAT

Carnivore eating simply means animal-based foods.
Some carnivore protocols are very strict,  with just meat and water.

That is definitely not what the 5-day kickstart is about! 

We want to bring you a plan that includes as many animal-based foods as possible, to make it as enjoyable as possible.  

This 5-day kickstart includes high fat dairy products, seafood, chicken, meat and eggs.

There are also a couple of 'non-carnivore' ingredients (mayonnaise, coconut and almond milk) that have been included to keep the calories within a suitable range for weight loss. 

If you prefer to follow a strict protocol, you can simply omit these items.

Here is exactly what you get when purchase this plan: 

5-day fully-structured Carnivore Food Plan

  • Structured plan so you know exactly what to eat and how much to eat
  • This is a CALORIE CONTROLLED plan with precise portion sizes,  designed for weight loss
  • Nutrition breakdown for each meal so you know levels of protein, fats and carbs
  • List of extra meals is provided, so you can swap out for meals you prefer

5 EXCLUSIVE recipes from Keto by D café

  • Dee's famous egg custard with cream 😍, cheeseburger pie, mini quiche cups, scotch eggs and carnivore pizza bases
  • These simple and delicious recipes bring the WOW factor to this plan.  Portions are designed to meet the calorie goal for each meal
  • Access to instruction videos with Delena, to make sure your goodies are as delicious as in the cafe!

Extra support and guidance

  • You can do this programme on your own, but you are not alone!
  • Programme Facebook group is available: extra resources and a chance to connect with others doing the plan
  • Sheryl and Delena are available if you have questions, either in the Facebook group or via email

We're Sheryl and Delena

We are passionate about this way of eating because it has helped us both to lose weight and keep it off.

Sheryl has maintained her 30kg weight loss for the past 23 years by following a low carb nutrition plan.  She has worked as a nutritionist for 13 years, helping many other women take back control of their weight and health.

Delena discovered keto 6 years ago, lost 20kgs and got frustrated at the lack of yummy options available so she opened her own keto café!  A habit of extra snacking (easy to do when you own a café) saw a few extra kilos creep on last year, so she worked with Sheryl and got on board with carnivore, which has helped her reach new lows on the scales.

We have created this kickstart to help get you going with structure, support and a delicious plan we know you will love.

We can't wait to hear your results!

5-day Carnivore Kickstart Plan


  • 5-day fully structured, calorie-controlled plan 
  • 5 exclusive recipes from Keto by D café
  • Access to website with instruction videos, PDF Downloads (including printer-friendly version)
  • Access to Facebook group for extra support