Worried about your weight or blood sugar levels?

Find balance with a low carb eating plan


Thursday 2nd May, 7pm

Hibiscus Coast Community House

(Hibiscus Coast highway, opposite the skate park, Orewa Arts Centre)

If you are: 

  • Concerned about your blood sugar levels being too high
  • Worried about your health and looking for new solutions
  • Struggling to maintain or lose weight
  • Curious to learn more about low carb

l would love to share this POWERFUL way of eating with you.

A way of eating I've followed for the past 23 years, which has enabled me to maintain my 30kg weight loss, as well as lose 40kg of pregnancy weight.

An eating plan I've shared with clients for the past 12 years in my nutrition clinic on the Hibiscus Coast, leading to INCREDIBLE results.   

Weight loss, reduced HbA1C readings, reduced inflammation, increased energy and much better gut health.

All by eating REAL, simple food

Nothing complicated, not special food you need to order online.

Just real, delicious food you can buy at the supermarket,  that leaves you feeling full and satisfied after every meal.

Meals suitable for the whole family.

A way of eating you can sustain for life, without feeling like you are on a diet.

Improving health is not just about 'calories in vs calories out'

Powerful transformation comes from changing WHAT you eat, not by thinking the only solution is eating less. 

In this FREE talk I'm going to share: 

What to eat

I'll show you what low carb eating looks like - how to create a perfect plate that is truly BALANCED.

Why it works

I'll explain why this way of eating is so effective and share lots of client success stories.

Food tips

I'll give you lots of practical tips you can use to get started straight away.

And there will be time to ask questions, for individual support and guidance


I'm Sheryl

My passion comes from my own journey of gaining and losing 70kgs and learning how to keep it off in a way I could sustain for life.

In my mid-30's I went back to Uni so I could train as a nutritionist and help others get off the diet rollercoaster and learn about this amazing way of eating.

I've worked for 12 years as a nuritionist on the Hibiscus Coast and I love helping people with weight loss, emotional eating, food addiction, gut health and IBS management.

I'm looking forward to helping you too xxx

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Thursday 2nd May, 7-8pm