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5 Easy Low Carb Lunches

5 Delicious and Easy Low Carb Lunch Ideas

recipes Feb 24, 2023

If you're constantly on the go, lunch can be a challenge, but it's a crucial meal to get right for sustained energy throughout the afternoon. Not only will a well-balanced lunch help you avoid midday slumps, but with adequate protein and healthy fats it will also help you maintain stable blood sugar levels.

An ideal lunch should be easy to prepare in advance, so you can simply grab and go in the morning. One great approach is to make "prep bowls" during the weekend, keeping a few in the fridge and freezing any extra portions. By making this a regular habit, you'll quickly amass a collection of meals to choose from, all while saving money!

Here are five great low carb lunch options that you can prepare in advance:


Egg roll in a bowl


Low carb chicken meal prep bowl   

Honey-lime chicken and avocado salad

Garlic butter steak bites with zucchini noodles meal prep

 Greek chicken meal prep bowl

 And if you want something simple to have on hand for when you want a cheap and quick lunch, here is my favourite:  3 x corn thins or cruskits, small tin of tuna or salmon and mayonnaise.  Mix the tuna and mayo together and put on the crackers.  Done!

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