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nutrition for weight loss in runners

Client Success Story: Runner loses 10kgs in 3 months (without changing exercise!)

health and wellness Sep 05, 2023

My specialty is fat loss rather than sports nutrition, so I don't have many clients who are athletes.  However, recently I've been lucky enough to work with an incredible woman who is a long distance runner, and watch her achieve amazing results in her exercise performance by swapping to a low carb food plan.

My client is a 57 year old woman who is very fit and regularly runs and swims.  When she came to see me,  she was unhappy with her weight, which had been gradually increasing. Despite all the exercise, she had a pesky extra 10kgs that wouldn't budge.

She started following her low carb food plan and the results have been amazing.  She is now down 10kgs in three months and has hit her goal weight. This fantastic result has come all from nutrition changes.  She hasn't changed a thing with her exercise routine - just the nutrition.

Here is a summary of her results:

Weight:  down from 68.5kgs to 58.4kgs
Body fat:  down from 32.9% to 25.9%
Total fat loss:  7.5kgs 
BMI: Down from 25.2 to 21.4
Visceral fat: Down from 7 to 5
Metabolic age: down from 45 to 39 (and she is 57!)

She feels amazing and is hitting new personal best times in her  running.  She recently completed a long distance running event that had taken her 3 hours to complete earlier this year and last week she did it in 2 hours and 23 minutes.

What a wonderful experience it has been for me, to work with someone who is willing to experiment and try something new, in order to get a new result. It's awesome to see the changes that can come from changing WHAT you eat (rather than just how much you eat) dropping extra body fat and reducing inflammation.

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