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delicious low carb slow cooker meals

Deliciously Low Carb: 5 Slow Cooker Recipes to Savour

recipe May 25, 2023

When the weather cools down we get to enjoy low carb food at it's best:  creamy casseroles  and slow cooker meals.  Get your meals prepped in the morning and you will have a delicious meal waiting for you as soon as you get in the door.

Here are five delicious low carb slow cooker recipes you can add to your repertoire.  Pair these meals with cauliflower rice, low carb pasta or a low carb wrap.


1. Beef short ribs


2. Easy crockpot chicken fajitas


3. Slow cooker chicken with bacon & cheese


4. Slow cooker taco soup


5. Slow cooker Madras beef curry




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