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Delicious low carb Easter products

Healthy and Delicious: Low Carb Easter Products

health and wellness Mar 24, 2023

Easter is one of the more challenging weekends of the year when you are following a low carb way of eating.  However, there are many options available that you can buy or make, so you can stay on track when temptation strikes!  Here are five different products you can choose from to stay on track this Easter weekend, as well as five yummy recipes you can try at home.

Sugar-free Easter Eggs

If you love white chocolate like I do, you will be a fan of the Vitawerx white and milk chocolate Easter bunnies.  These bunnies are maltitol-free, making them kinder to your gut.  You will find them on Keto store as well as Low Carb Haven.

If you live on the Hibiscus Coast, pop into Keto by D cafe in Orewa where there is a range of sugar-free Easter eggs available in the lead up to Easter.

Low Carb Haven also sell a selection of small, hand-made sugar-free chocolate Easter eggs.

The best sugar-free chocolate

I have to let you in on one of my secret tips....The Guylian sugar-free milk chocolate tastes just like Easter egg chocolate!  It's only available at Countdown and at $4.50 per bar, it's a really cost-effective option if you want a delicious Easter treat.  Click here to find out more.

Hot  Cross Buns

If you like to make your own hot cross buns but want a helping hand, try the Justine's hot cross bun baking mix.  

You can order a pack of 6 keto hot cross buns from Ma Keto Kitchen.

If you live on the Hibiscus Coast, I highly recommend the Spiced honey fruit Kiwi Keto Rolls, available in the refrigerated section at Fruit World in Silverdale.  They are also sold at ie Produce in Takapuna. 

And don't forget the delicious hot cross buns at Keto by D in Orewa.

Decadent fudge Easter gift box

If Easter eggs don't float your boat, why not try some sugar-free fudge?  The Decadent Fudge Company have put together a special Easter fudge gift box.  A great gift for any lover of low carb!

Keto Easter Hedgehog Slice

If you are entertaining and want a decadent slice to enjoy all weekend long, check out this delicious slice you can order from  from Ma Keto Kitchen 

Recipes to try at home

Here's a selection of recipes you can try for yourself:

1. Buy a silicone chocolate egg mould from Low Carb Haven and make these chocolate eggs

2. Sugar-free chocolate peanut butter Easter eggs

3. No bake Ferrero Rocher keto fat bombs

4. Keto hot cross buns

5. Low Carb Spicy Hot Cross buns

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