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how to create the perfect plate for weight loss

Want help creating the perfect plate?

Apr 19, 2024

The power of a food plan is knowing exactly how much protein, healthy fats and carbs you should be having on your plate, to achieve your goal.

One of the biggest mistakes I've noticed recently is that when people aren't as organised with their meals, they start missing out on the most important nutrient of all:  protein!

Think of protein as your metabolism-boosting superfood.  Here are just some of the benefits of protein when you are on a weight loss journey: 

➡️Reduces appetite and hunger:  When you eat protein you feel satisfied and stay full for longer.
➡️Protein boosts your metabolism, because your body uses a significant number of calories to process and digest it
➡️Maintains muscle mass: very important if you are exercising and also if you're losing weight.  Adequate protein helps to minimise muscle loss.  
➡️Helps maintain weight loss:  A high-protein diet helps manage calorie intake in the long term, so wait maintenance is much easier

Here are some of the meals I include in my online programmes, to make sure protein is optimal:

⭐protein shake with healthy fats
⭐eggs on low carb/high protein toast
⭐protein yoghurt with low carb cereal
⭐protein pudding with choc chips and cream (My current favourite treat!)
⭐Good portions of meat/chicken/seafood/eggs/vegetarian protein with every meal

Want to know your ideal daily amount?
Optimal protein intake depends on different factors.

If you would like my recommendation on the best level for you, email me and let me know your:
Age, weight, height, gender and level of activity (sedentary, light exercise or intense exercise) 

I will get back to you and tell you what I recommend. 👊

Fine tuning your protein might just be the missing ingredient that will help you get to the next level in your journey.

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