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the daily routine for weight loss success

Weight Loss Motivation: The Daily Routine to get You on Track Again

mindset Aug 18, 2023

Being on a weight loss journey is tough when you're aware of the right actions but struggle to take them.

I've witnessed this scenario countless times in my office:  people embrace the low carb way of eating enthusiastically and are really happy with their plan,  yet they simply aren't following it with enough accuracy to get results. Despite the fact they desperately want the goal, they're not taking the actions they need to take, in order to achieve it. 

It is the absolute definition of frustration!

The biggest problem in weight loss is that we think it's about knowledge - that if we simply know what to do, our problem will be solved.  This simply isn't the case.  Weight loss is about emotions.  The reason you're not seeing results is very unlikely due to not knowing what to do.  It's more likely that you're letting emotions getting the better of you and you're eating the wrong foods at the wrong time. 

What most of us need, especially if we are emotional eaters, is not a food plan, but a mindset routine so we can refocus our mind daily and start mastering our emotions.

I encourage clients to start with a simple mindset routine they can do each morning, to start getting their head in a better place each day and aligned to their goal. 

All it takes is 15 minutes and this routine will make a huge difference to your day.

It's  simple things like:

1. Gratitude:  writing down a few things you're grateful for.  This practice cultivates a positive mindset and sets up your day with appreciation.

2. Goal Alignment:  Reconnect with your weight loss goal.  Write down what your goal is and why it is important to you.  Tapping into your WHY will help you stay on track throughout the day

3. Action Planning:  Decide on 3 actions you can take throughout the day that align with your weight loss goal.  Planning these each morning gives your clarity and a sense of purpose. 

4. Emotional Release:  Take time to for journaling.  When challenges arise during the week, use this space to explore your emotions, find insights and release any pent-up feelings. 

I always talked about the importance of mindset but didn't really practice what I preached until  2020. Being in lockdown made me realise just how valuable this daily routine is. Now it is an essential part of my day and every area of life has improved because of it.  I've seen this with many clients too.

If your motivation muscle needs to be strengthened, I highly encourage you to establish a daily mindset routine.  This daily mindset routine handout has some ideas to help get you started.  


You've got this!

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