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low carb options at the food court

Navigating the Food Court: Best Low Carb Options for Success

tips for weight loss Jul 31, 2023

Food courts are a convenient place to get a meal when you are out and about. 

We've been at a sports tournament in Christchurch this week and there's a food court near our accommodation so we have had several meals there.  It's reminded me just how versatile the low carb way of eating is.

When you follow a specific eating plan, it really helps when it is flexible and easy to follow when you are out of the house.   You need to be able to find simple options without creating a fuss and being 'that' annoying person in the group!

Here are simple ways to enjoy a delicious low carb meal at the food court:

This is my favourite food court meal option: Order the size of bowl you want and ask for no rice or noodles.  Fill it up instead with vegetables and meat.  When possible,  choose meat that isn't covered in breading or a sweet sauce (eg sweet and sour or teriyaki).  Add mayonnaise or another high-fat dressing on the top.

Order your favourite burger, without the buns.  You will get a delicious meat patty, veges, cheese and sauce.  All you need is a knife and fork!  The next best option is chicken nuggets, minus the sauce of course.

Chicken or chicken tenders are the best option here. 

In a buffet situation, avoid the noodles and rice and go for vegetables and meat.  Choose meat that isn't coated or deep fried and beware of sweet and sour sauce.  Egg foo young works well.

A meat curry is a great source of protein and fat - think butter chicken or tikka masala.  As long as you avoid the rice and naan bread, you will have a tasty and satisfying meal.  Get a couple of poppadoms if they are available - these are nice and low in carbs and give you something crunchy to dip into the curry.

An open burrito is a great meal option - meat on salad and fresh salsa instead of a tortilla/rice, and covered in all the goodies:  sour cream, guacamole and cheese.  Avoid the rice and beans.

St Pierres do a low carb sushi so you might be lucky enough to find a pack.  Otherwise, look for the packs of fresh prawns or sashimi.  Partnered with a cup of miso soup, it does the job.

Tank salads with meat and added fat (eg cheese or avocado) are a great meal option, but be wary of smoothies with fruit.  The sugar levels can add up quickly, especially with banana. A protein shake without fruit will be a good option.

Turkish is an easy option - ask for a plate of salad veges, with mixed meat on the top.  Hummus and tabouleh do contain a higher level of carbs, but I will often ask for a tablespoon of each, because they are so delicious.

Roast Meat Carvery
Order roast meat and enjoy any green vegetables with the meat.  If the only option is starchy veges, have a piece of roast pumpkin.  It is higher in carbs than other veges, but it has half the level of potato and kumara so it is a better choice.


As you can see, there are many low carb options available for you to choose from. With a bit of creative mixing and matching, it isn't hard to create a delicious meal without creating a fuss. 

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