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Holiday Harmony: A Guide to Weight-Wise Gatherings

tips for weight loss Dec 08, 2023

It may be the Season to be jolly, but you won't be feeling so jolly if you can't fit your pants on Christmas day!

With all the  Festive gatherings taking place before (and after) Christmas, you need to have an action plan if you want to stay on track and make it through December feeling in control and in shape.

Here are my top tips to help you master Festive gatherings and stay in control of your weight.

Begin with the end in mind
Decide your goal in advance.  Are you happy to maintain weight after the special occasions, or do you want to see the scales dropping?  Make your decision and plan your actions accordingly.

Eat protein beforehand
Protein helps you feel satiated, your blood sugars stable and your hunger at bay.  If it is a long function and you're not sure when the food will be served, eat some protein before you leave the house.  Good options include a hard boiled egg or a protein shake.

Drink extra water
Eating out means extra sodium, especially with Asian food.  This can cause fluid retention and inflammation.  If you drink more water during the day, it will help reduce fluid retention.   Aim for at least two litres per day but increase it if you are going to be eating restaurant food at night.

Eat the carbs last
Make sure you eat the protein and fat first, before you eat any carbohydrate foods.  Studies have shown that this will improve your blood sugar regulation after the meal.

NO means YES
When you are saying NO to food that isn't on your plan, think about all the things you are saying YES to in that moment:  your goal, your results, your health.  It makes the situation feel so much more positive and empowering.

By making a decision before the event and having a plan in place, you will feel much more in control and you will truly enjoy the Festive Season.

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