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fast weight loss is not the best strategy for sustainable results

Is fast weight loss the best weight loss?

tips for weight loss Nov 03, 2023

I have a question for you today: 

When you reach a milestone goal, does it really matter how long it took to get there?  

I know we all LOVE fast weight loss.

You only have to look at the headlines to see what people are clicking on:
"Lose 10kgs in 4 weeks" 
"Drop 3 dress sizes in two weeks" etc etc

But as we all know, fast weight loss usually leads to fast(er) weight gain!

The pressure of expecting fast results can often derail us the minute things don't go according to plan.  We feel frustrated if the scales aren't shifting and go into the thought cycle of: "What's the point?  It's not working anyway...."  Which leads us in one direction:  towards the food.

This week I've seen wonderful weight loss success at both ends of the speed spectrum:

One of my clients is now down 14kgs and feels amazing - she's lighter than she has been in decades.  She started on this journey just over a year ago.

Another lovely lady started in the middle of September and is now down 10.8kgs in 7 weeks.

Both ladies are feeling fantastic.

It's fab when we're making changes and seeing quick results, but that just isn't always possible when life gets in the way.  Menopause.  Sleep.  Young children - the list goes on.  There are times in life where we can't control how quickly our body is willing to drop weight. 
But, we can control our expectations and our mindset and accept that slow progress is still a lot better than no progress.

Here's the thing:  The speed of the journey only matters to one person:  YOU.  It really doesn't matter how quickly you lose weight:  all that matters is that you keep on going, so you get there.

Because the only thing that stops you getting there is when you quit.

And often, what makes us quit is our own frustration from having unrealistic expectations; wanting fast results and then getting frustrated when the scales don't show what we want to see.

Just keep going.....and you will get there...and be so stoked you did!

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