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Low Carb Weight Loss Success: 15kg down in 12 weeks

tips for weight loss Dec 15, 2023

One of the myths in weight loss land is that you have to do extreme and restrictive things in order to see fast results.  

It's simply not true!

This week I caught up with Mel.  She started coming to see me in the middle of September.  She had been losing weight but was stuck in a plateau, so she came to see me and started following a low carb plan.

The results have been incredible.

In 12 weeks she has lost 15.2kgs.  Her body fat percent is down from 39.9: (in the high range) to 33.9% (normal range) and visceral fat is down from 9.5 (just outside the healthy range) to 6, which is well within the healthy range.  Best of all, her metabolic age has come down by 13 years.

And this has all been achieved with the low carb foundation plan.  No extreme fasting, no strict regimes and food restriction.  Her key actions have included:

🌟Eating dessert most nights 😁😁  sugar-free jelly and protein yoghurt with cream on the top

🌟Listening to her body:  eating more and upping the protein when she's hungry and cutting back when she isn't

🌟 No counting calories (just following the guidelines in the programme)

🌟 Accountability appointments - showing up to check in, review progress and refine actions moving forward

🌟Cutting out junk food and eating lots of real, delicious food

It's been such a privilege to be on this journey with Mel and see how consistency and determination, combined with a food plan that works, is a powerful formula for success! 

More importantly, because she is doing it in a way that's sustainable,  there's a far greater likelihood that the results will be sustainable too.

Extreme actions and fast weight loss may be exciting in the short term, but if you can't sustain the actions, how will you sustain the results?


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