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simple change for weight loss

A Simple Change to Shake Up the Scales

tips for weight loss Sep 21, 2023

The most wonderful - and frustrating - thing about a weight loss journey is the unpredictability of it all.  We try things we think will work, and they don't.  We try things we're not sure about, and get our best result yet!

This is exactly what happened to my client, by making one simple change in the past fortnight.  Funnily enough, this didn't involve changing what she was eating, or even how many calories she was eating.

Instead, we changed WHEN she was eating certain meals, by swapping around her breakfast and dinner meals.  Instead of having her largest meal at dinner time, she swapped the meals around, having her main meal in the morning and the lighter breakfast options (usually scrambled eggs or a protein shake) at night.

The result?  She went to bed feeling lighter, and her sleep improved.  With improved sleep, she also had better energy levels during the day.  It definitely worked for fat burning, because she lost 1.2kgs in a week and 800g was fat.

I was thrilled to see that she was able to get a real change in her body composition and metabolism, simply by eating the same foods at different times of day.  Best of all, this is a change that she can maintain and is giving her many different health benefits.

PLEASE don't listen when people say that weight loss is all about 'calories in, calories out'.  It simply isn't true!  There are many things you can change, in order to shake things up and get a different result.

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