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Why low carb is the best way of eating for permanent weight loss

tips for weight loss Jan 13, 2023

This morning I caught up with a client who I haven’t seen for several months.  When he walked in the door with a big beaming smile, he looked like a completely different man.

Having followed a low carb food plan for the past six months, he’s seen dramatic improvements with his blood sugar levels, energy and weight.  He has lost 13kgs in total and 10kgs of fat.  The best part for me was hearing how much he is enjoying the journey:

“I can’t believe how easy this way of eating is. I love every meal and don’t feel hungry. I’ve struggled with food all my life and this is the easiest thing I’ve ever done.”

Hearing this gave me so much joy and validates why I’m so passionate about this way of eating.   

I’ve followed a low carb eating plan for the past 23 years and changed my career in my 30’s to re-train as a nutritionist so I could share it with others, which I’ve done for the past 12 years. 

I might well be low carb’s biggest fan.

Thanks to low carb I’ve been able to maintain my original 30kg weight loss for 23 years as well as lose the 40kgs I gained across two pregnancies.  I’ve seen amazing results with clients as well.

Here are five reasons why I think low carb truly is the best way of eating for weight loss and maintenance:


Mayonnaise, pesto, bacon, cheese, nuts, bread, wraps delicious meats and seafood, veges and dairy foods are just some of the options on a low carb plan.   Need I say more?  

Real food with maximum flavour.  

2. It’s SATIATING:  You won’t feel hungry

When you eat the correct balance of protein and healthy fats with each meal, you feel full and satisfied (think about how long you stay full after a meal of bacon and eggs.)  This is because your blood sugar levels are stable throughout the day and healthy fats provide a long-burning source of energy.

3. It’s EASY

The explosion in popularity of keto and low carb eating has seen lots of new products on the shelves.    Low carb bread, pasta, rice and wrap alternatives are now available from the supermarket.   There’s even a new potato that is lower in carbs. Cauliflower makes a great rice alternative and you can buy it already chopped up.   There are several online stores specializing in low carb products ranging from chips and chocolate to cake mixes and candy.

You can easily get a low carb version of almost anything your heart desires.


Whatever you do to lose weight, you need to continue doing (in a modified way) if you want to keep the weight off.  This is why diets don’t work!  If you don’t enjoy what you are eating, the minute you go back to old habits and eating patterns, you will go back to your old weight.

I know low carb is sustainable for life because I’ve done it for 23 years and many of my clients have stayed on track for several years now too.  


This is the most important thing of all!  If low carb didn’t work, I wouldn’t be in business.

In addition to fat loss, my clients have reported better energy levels, less inflammation and much better digestion and gut health.

I am so blessed to be able to share this powerful way of eating and see the way it can transform lives.  As one of my clients said to me:  “This really is the holy grail of eating.”

Want to give it a go and see how low carb works for you?  I’m running a FREE 5-day low carb challenge from the 13 – 17 February that will include meal plans, recipes, coaching and giveaways.  Email me and you will be the first to know when registrations open.

Let's make  2023 the year that you achieve your goal xxxx


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