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Nail your weight loss goal

The 2mm difference that will help you nail your goal

tips for weight loss Aug 05, 2022

If good is the enemy of great,  excellent might be the enemy of outstanding.

I’ve just come back from doing a 4-day Tony Robbins virtual event and I’m feeling fired up about this concept.  Tony talked a lot about the difference between excellent and outstanding.   He talked about how if you want to achieve great success, it probably isn’t enough to take excellent action.  To get to the top, your level of action and input needs to be outstanding.

The difference been the levels of poor/good and good/excellent is big, but the difference between excellent and outstanding is actually quite small – about 2mm.

That 2mm represents your willingness to push yourself just that little bit further than you have been willing to push yourself in the past.  That level of ‘uncomfortable action’ that we resist but is ultimately what it takes to push us past the finish line.

This concept is very applicable to a weight loss journey.

The actions required to get you to the half-way point are going to be substantially different from the actions required to get those last 2kgs off.   It may require that extra 2mm push in many areas of your lifestyle, to get you to your goal.

This is what it looks like in action:

  • Feeling a hunger pang in the evening but deciding to have a glass of water instead of a piece of cheese
  • Cutting out all alcohol so your liver has the best chance possible to burn fat
  • Keeping a food diary and taking note of every little bite that passes your lips
  • Going to bed at least 30 minutes earlier each night so you get more time for fat burning while you sleep
  • Drinking an extra 2-3 cups of water daily
  • Weighing and measuring your portions of protein and fat for a few days, to make sure they are on point
  • Shaking your metabolism up by trying new weight loss strategies so your body has to guess what is coming next
  • Varying your levels of calories/carbs/protein/fat from one day to the next so your body can’t adapt to what you are doing

If you are willing to approach the last phase of your weight loss journey with an open mind and push yourself that little bit further, you have a much greater chance of nailing your goal.

And if you don't know the best action to take and are struggling to push yourself, come and join me in the Academy programme!  You get started with a fully-structured 14-day plan, every month you get a new weight loss strategy and on our Zoom coaching calls I will help you get fully aligned to your goal xxx

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