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The secret ingredient in weight loss

tips for weight loss Apr 07, 2022

(You need to know this if you want to not just lose weight but also keep it off……)

Do you know exactly what to do to lose weight but are feeling frustrated with yourself because you’re not doing it?  You’re not the only one. 

This is probably one of the most common things people tell me during their first appointment.  They know what has worked for them in the past and they want to do be able to do it again, but they’re just not doing it.  Or, they can take action for a few days but never an entire week. 

It is so frustrating to know what to do but not be able to do it!

This is where the secret ingredient in weight loss comes into play. The ingredient that virtually guarantees success if you are willing to accept the importance of it.  The thing that helps you to show up when you would rather give up.

The secret is accountability. Making a commitment in the presence of another human being and then showing up as promised so you stay accountable to your goal.  

The important of accountability has been shown to me very clearly in the past few weeks.

After months in lockdown, I have started seeing clients for a contact-less weigh in, outside my house.  While I’ve been coaching these women via Zoom calls, phone calls and email since lockdown began in August,  there has been a distinct change now that they know they can get on the scales again.

I’ve noticed an immediate shift in motivation and energy.  All of a sudden, it has become tangible and real – no more time to muck around!

This has been the key ingredient to my own weight loss journey, enabling me to lose 30kgs and keep it off for 23 years now (as well as gain and lose 40kgs of pregnancy weight.)

I haven’t achieved this because  I have a magical food plan or strong discipline muscle.  In fact, it is the opposite.  I am an emotional eater and have struggled with sugar addiction over this time.  You name it, I’ve done it!

I’ve kept the weight off because every month or so I drive down to my nutrition appointment and check-in with my coach.  I get on the scales and have a chat about how things are going.  Very rarely do we talk about food (I’ve been eating low carb for 26 years now – I KNOW what to eat!)  Weight loss success is not about food, it’s about mindset.  This is the part that’s tricky to do on your own – especially when you are an emotional eater.

So, I have found an accountability partner and I show up for myself, creating mini goals for myself between appointments.

This is exactly what my clients get from working with me.  They get resources, information and recipes but the results come from being accountable and sharing the journey.  Knowing they will be getting on the scales and wanting to get a good result.

If you know what to do but you’re sick of faffing around, come and join my Academy.  You will get all the resources you need and the date with destiny on the scales will make sure you do it!

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